Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Haida Gwaii is where science is watching for a major B. C. earthquake

An area just south of Haida Gwaii
is noted as the most likely place
for a major earthquake in the future
A story from the weekend might not have received as much attention as it should for the Northwest, as a number of scientists in matters of the earth sciences made note of where they are watching in British Columbia for a pressure point for the next big earthquake in the province.

On Sunday, a number of media sources outlined the findings from researchers from the Geological Survey of Canada.

They have been reviewing data from the 7.7 magnitude quake on Haida Gwaii  of the fall of 2012 and marked an area along that fault line as a potential launching point for another large earthquake in the future.

That 2012 quake (see our page from the time) while reducing pressure in one area, has apparently shifted the tensions in other areas of the Pacific fault line to the south.

From their review of data the scientists suggest that this has raised the prospect of what are called thrust earthquakes and potential tsunamis for the region.

The fault lines just south of Haida Gwaii have seen a number of minor to moderate temblors reported in recent months, the majority of them in the area between the Islands and Vancouver Island.

You can review some of those events and learn more about preparations in British Columbia from our archive page here.

The review in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America comes just a few weeks after the Province of British Columbia released the findings of The Earthquake Preparedness Consultation Report, highlighting the need for better preparation in the province for a large scale earthquake and/or tsunami.

While progress has been made on earthquake preparedness, and significant work is underway currently for which involved parties should be applauded, the majority of the preparedness gaps and recommendations outlined in previous reports appear to remain valid today. -- From the Executive summary of the Earthquake Preparedness Consultation Report

With the Report outlining the need for more work to be done, the process of moving forward on the theme of preparedness was outlined by the province on March 26th

Background on the newest notes on seismic activity on Haida Gwaii can be found below:

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For more information on the Seismological Society of America see their website or Facebook page.

For more on the Geological Survey of Canada see the Natural Resources website here.

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