Friday, April 10, 2015

Exxon Mobil to provide Lot 444 site update in a couple of months

Mayor Brain provided a short
overview of a trip he and City Manager
Robert Long took to the Exxon campus
in Houston Texas
The tail end of Tuesday's Council session provided the Mayor with an opportunity to update Council on the recent trip he and City Manager Robert Long took to Houston, Texas.

A visit to the Exxon campus, where the two city representatives met with Exxon Mobil officials to get an update on their plans for the Lot 444 project at Tuck Inlet.

In his short review for council, the Mayor noted that the meetings were productive and offered up the prospect of more discussion in the future, as the company continues work on its plans for the LNG development.

Mr. Brain did offer up a timeline of sorts for future information for the community, as he expects representatives of Exxon Mobil to provide an update on the site design for the community sometime in the next couple of months.

You can listen in to his report from the City's Video Archive here, the Exxon Mobil notes come up in the last two minutes of the Council session.

Tuesday's brief outline to Council, was the second Exxon update for the Mayor this week.

As we noted on the blog on Tuesday, Mr. Brain appeared on the Vancouver based CBC Radio program Early edition on Monday morning. Through that appearance he outlined for host Rick Cluff some of the background for the City's LNG Go Plan, as well as a few of his observations from his and Mr. Long's trip to Houston.

Among the notes he relayed to Mr. Cluff and his audience, was the impression that Exxon most likely won't be making any Final Investment Decision for at least two to three years.

Mayor Brain also suggested to the CBC host that he is very confident that within the next three to six years that between Kitimat and Prince Rupert, there will be one or two proponents that will move forward with their plans and provide for a final investment decision on LNG in the Northwest.

You can review those discussion points and more on the Mayors LNG GO Plan from our item of Tuesday.

More background on the LNG files of the Northwest can be found at our archive of LNG items here.

For more items related to City Council discussions see our Council archive page here.

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