Monday, April 6, 2015

Transition Prince Rupert opens the discussion on the McKay Street Open Space

This land at the corner of McKay Street
and Kootenay Avenue,  is the subject
of a number  of ideas for the community
Last Thursday Transition Prince Rupert hosted a public information session to start the dialogue on what should be done with an abandoned baseball field at the corner of Kootenay and McKay on the City's west side.

The field which has been all but abandoned for a number of years was the subject of many suggestions from the thirty or so in attendance at Thursday's meeting, as Transition Prince Rupert head Ken Shaw and Mayor Lee Brain led the discussion on community interest in the region.

Such potential uses as community gardens, an outdoor amphitheatre and an orchard area were among some of the suggestions that those in attendance offered up for consideration. With the next stage of the process to get a wider overview from those that live in the immediate area of the Kootenay and McKay street area.

Ken Shaw and Mayor Lee Brain at
Thursday's community meeting
regarding the McKay Street Open Space
Besides the efforts of Transition Prince Rupert, the McKay Street Park Revitalization Project is comprised of a number of participating members of the community.

Included in the project are the City of Prince Rupert,  The Kaien Anti-Poverty Society, Salmonberry Trading Company Society, the Ministerial Society, Salvation Army and Baha'i Youth leadership Group.

According to Daybreak North's Carolina de Ryk, who took to twitter with some of Thursday night's notes, the City while short on money to fund any kind of initiatives for the area of land, apparently is inclined to consider an option to sell the land for one dollar to a community group that would take care of the land and put some of the community ideas to work on it.

You can learn more about plans from the Committee from the Transition Prince Rupert Facebook page, or the page dedicated to the McKay Street Open Space project which will feature updates as the process goes forward into the Spring.

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