Monday, April 13, 2015

Port of Prince Rupert seeks City's support in hydro issues related to Fairview Terminal

Port looks to increase use of
shore power at Fairview
(photo from PRPA)
The Port of Prince Rupert will be submitting a request for support from Prince Rupert City Council this evening, seeking the assistance of the city when it comes to Port discussions with BC Hydro and service for the Fairview Container Terminal.

The Port is looking to make its case with Hydro to provide for a shore power electrical rate for use of shore power services by visiting vessels at the Container Terminal.

Should the Port find success with its initiative with BC Hydro, vessels alongside at Fairview will be able to access electrical power.  Enabling them to reduce air emissions and Green House Gas concerns, improve the local air quality and reduce fuel consumption for the vessels in port while they are tied up at the facility.

In a letter to the City, the Port outlines it's case for the support and what their project is all about.

The Port notes that they hope to encourage vessels to access shore power through reduced harbour dues, the container facility will still require a fixed flat rage that would make the project economically feasible for the vessels that call on the Container port.

You can learn more about their quest from the City Council Agenda, the Port's background piece and request for support can be found on pages 15 and 16.

Council will consider the issue and advise as to their decision as part of tonight's session.

More on tonight's council session can be reviewed here.

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