Thursday, April 16, 2015

City staff highlights the merits of the Rushbrook Improvement Area fund for Council

The City's Tanya Ostrom outlined the
success of the city's efforts with the
Rushbrook Improvement Area over the years
While there may be a few residents that take issue to the rates that are charged, for the most part the City's Rushbrook Improvement Fund is being called a success, at least according to a presentation by city staff on Monday evening.

Ms. Tanya Ostrom, the City's Assistant Operations Manager delivered the fourteen minute review of the program that laid out the improvements that the fund has delivered to the area, while stressing more than a few times that the funding for the work at Rushbrook has come from revenues collected from those that use the site and not the city's taxpayers.

As part of the presentation there was a bit of a historical look back at what the program has delivered to this point, the studies that the city has conducted with users to determine the success of the program and what rates were to be set as part of it.

Along the way, Ms. Ostrom also outlined the plan ahead for 2015, where 200,000 dollars has been allocated for work on the boat launch ramp areas, with pre-cast concrete panels and rip rock to be put in place for the much anticipated improvement to the facility.

However, there was a warning that once the boat launch project has been completed, the Rushbrook Improvement Fund reserves will be depleted, a situation that will require some decisions from Council should the next item on the to do list for the area look to gain any forward momentum.

The next proposed improvement is work on the Marine Dock at Rushbrook, a rather comprehensive project that is to be tackled in phases, but that will only get consideration once there is money available from the fund to make it feasible.
Rates may increase for 2016 to help fund
further improvements for the area

Towards furthering the work of the Rushbrook Improvement Fund, Ms. Ostrom recommended that Council give consideration to raising the rates at the Floats for 2016, noting that even though increases were to be put in place in 2008, none have been implemented to date.

"Council support to continue with the pay parking area at Rushbrook is key to the viability of this area, it is crucial to continue with the current process that is working very well operationally and financially " --  Tanya Ostrom, Assistant Public Works Manager, providing an overview on the Rushbrook Improvement Area for Prince Rupert council on Monday evening.

Following her overview, Council members asked for some background on such things as rates charged for charter boat operators and out of town operators,  the difference in number of passes purchased at winter as opposed to the rest of the year, as well as the breakdown between commercial and sport fishermen using the area.

And while she did not have those details readily available, Ms. Ostrom noted that City staff will try to assemble as much of it as possible for council for their future review on the Rushbrook program.

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