Saturday, April 18, 2015

MLA's week April 13-16

After a two week break from their duties, the province's MLA's returned to their desks in the Legislature this week, marking the first work in Legislative session following the Easter break.

However, for the North Coast's MLA, the public aspect of the work week would be rather low key. With no contributions noted, other than for votes, over the four days of Legislative work this week.

Ms. Rice, the North Coast's representative was not listed once in the archive of participants for the twelve sessions of the Legislature in the House, or those related to House Committee work listed for the week of April 13-16.

As for her committee work, MLA Rice is a member of the Standing Committee on Children and Youth.  

That committee met on April 13 , though Ms. Rice is not mentioned during the course of the minutes for that session.

The Legislature returns to work on Monday morning.

There is more background on the North Coast MLA available from our MLA's Week archive as well as our General Archive on the Legislature.

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