Friday, April 15, 2016

A mulling Mr. Cullen

NDP MP Nathan Cullen is weighing
his options when it comes to any
NDP Leadership quest 
When we last checked in on the plans of Skeena-Bulkley Valley NDP MP Nathan Cullen, he was heading off to last weekend's NDP convention in Edmonton.  A policy convention that has shaken up the third place party on the federal scene and an event which invited NDP Leader Tom Mulcair to exit the leadership, stage left we assume.

As we noted in our preview of the Edmonton convention, Mr. Cullen was supporting the desire to see Mr. Mulcair continue on as leader, having stated earlier this year that he wasn't inclined to pursue leadership ambitions at the time.

However, with the rather startling dispatch of Mr. Mulcair who could not even garner fifty percent support to continue on with this job, the NDP will now turn its attention towards who will take the reins of and what direction the party will go during the next three and a half years of this Liberal government's mandate.

One name that has quickly returned to the top of the prognostication list is that of the Skeena-Bullkey Valley MP, with Mr. Cullen frequently noted as someone that the party membership may be inclined to support. The MP who represents Northwestern British Columbia was shocked at the final result of Sunday's vote count on Mulcair's leadership, leaving him to reconsider his thinking on whether he will seek out the now open race.

Though one question for the NDP MP to weigh as he works towards his decision is one of where the NDP is going from here. With Mr Cullen to decide if the party's recent lurch to the hard left in Edmonton will provide the room for his political philosophy and whether he can bring the now very different factions of the NDP together in the middle.

Mr. Cullen has noted that he will take some time to consult with family, friends and fellow members of the NDP before coming to a decision on whether to take the leap in the NDP leadership fray.

So, while he mulls over his options, we'll track the trial balloons and background notes that pop up along the way to his eventual decision.

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