Friday, April 15, 2016

SD52 reverses position, approves Two week Spring Break for 2017

After a  process that included a public consultation session with the public and discussion with stakeholders, some online background for consideration and two votes on the issue, Tuesday night found School District 52 trustees finally delivering their verdict on a two week Spring Break for 2017.

A decision that following some significant input from the public now reverses their original indication of a preference for just one week in March.

At their Tuesday School District meeting, the trustees voted 5-1 to approve the two week model that will see students and teachers away from the classroom in Mid March, the vote bringing to an end a controversial and at times emotional discussion on the issue.

“There has been considerable discussion in the community following the Board’s decision on March 15, 2016" ...“Trustees have responded to those comments and the district will have its first 2 week Spring Break next year. Trustees will evaluate the impact of next year’s calendar in order to inform their decisions for future years.” -- SD52 Board Chair Tina Last on the decision to shift to a two week Spring Break for 2016-17

In an interview with TV7, some of the tension that the Board faced was revealed with Board Chair Tina Last noting that they had received a large number of emails from parents and guardians expressing disappointment and at times anger at the original plan from the School District.

School trustee Teri Lynne Huddlestone observed that some of the commentary that trustees received was hurtful in nature, while other members of the board also took note of the response from the public when it came to their original preference.

The backlash against the School District's original plan to stay with the one week break model began to grow after the March 15h School District 52 meeting, with a number of parents taking issue with a number of observations from Board members, many of them taking to social media to express their frustration and at times anger.

What was supposed to be a decision day of March 30th, provided no resolution to the issue, with trustee Huddlestone giving notice that she would be asking the Board to reconsider the March 15th decision.

The trustees acted on that notice on Tuesday and then moved forward to their vote which provided for the 5-1 approval for 2016-17, with only trustee Sanchez holding to the 1 week preference.

In a media release issued later in the week, the Board of Education confirmed that the 2016-17 Spring Break will run from March 13 to 24.

SD52 has adopted a two break as part of the
School Calendar for 2016-17

For the moment, the two week break is only in place for the next school year, the information statement also notes that the Board will evaluate the two week break next year and that calendars for future years will be presented and discussed by the Board next year.

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