Friday, April 1, 2016

Taking Stock: North Coast Business Scene -- March 2016

Three months are in the books for 2016 and while we don't have a large volume of new businesses to share news about for March, there were some events and items of interest to make note of through the month that has just wrapped.

The City's food scene is expanding once again, with the Mexican creations of Mucho Gusto Catering starting to attract a fair bit of attention through their recent appearances around town.

Members of the city's Sports fishing industry took a message to City Council in March, looking for the City to take note of their concerns related to out of town charter groups that are gaining a footprint in the region. In a presentation to council a representative of the local industry noted that the out of town groups aren't following the same rules as those that are in place for North Coast based businesses.

March was also the month that the North Coast celebrated the success stories of 2015, as the Chamber of Commerce hosted its annual awards night early in the month, some background the notes of the last thirty one days can be found below:


Yet one more choice for local food fans has begun to gain some notice, as Much Gusto Catering expanded on their plans for the future with Mexican Food the latest option for North Coast food fans to enjoy.

A representative of Prince Rupert's Sports Fishery Operators appeared at City Council to outline concerns to Council members over the growing presence of out of town operators in the region.

March proved to be a busy month for the Prince Rupert District Chamber of Commerce, first through the annual awards show presentation, this year held at the Lester Centre.

That was followed by the election of a new Board of Directors for 2016 and the celebration of a new graduating class of Rising Stars, both events took place at a Chamber luncheon in March.

The Chamber also hosted an LNG Development event at the start of the month, featuring a range of speakers providing insight on the need for responsible growth in the region.

Northern Savings continued on with its tradition of giving back to the community, with the financial institution's GIVE program sharing funding for a number of community groups.

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