Sunday, April 3, 2016

Blog Watching, Week ending April 3, 2016

Our April Fool's morning concepts of major development for Mount Hays certainly found an audience, with the tale of a proposed twin projects of gold mining and wind power generation on the North Coast's most famous land mark finding an engaged audience on Friday morning, the article in one day became far and away the most read item of the week.

As for news with a more concrete foundation on the North Coast, the moves by the City of Prince Rupert to sell some parcels of land in the Cow Bay area to the Port caught the attention of many, as did an update on moves from WCC LNG, the proposed developer of an LNG terminal at Tuck inlet which has now applied for a fifteen year extension to their export permit.

Readers also found much interest in our notes on the latest developments related to a fatal house fire on March 24th, with the Major Crimes Unit now handling the file.

And wrapping up our list of five on the week, a look at the newest in navigation aids for mariners approaching and departing Prince Rupert harbour.

However, the top item of the week was our creative writing exercise on mineral and wind energy development, fans of cryptograms might find the first letter of each paragraph of some help in determining the final notes on the issue.

There's Gold in that thar mountain, and money in those winds -- A dateline of April 1st did not deter readers from taking a look at our proposed twin development for Mount Hays. (posted April 1, 2016)

That article was followed by:

City looks to sell Cow Bay land to Prince Rupert Port Authority -- The process is in motion once again for the City of Prince Rupert to sell off two parcels of land in the Cow Bay area.  (posted March 31, 2016)

WCC LNG seeks extension of permit process for LNG exports  --  One of the proponents for an LNG terminal on the North Coast applies to federal regulators to extend their licensing process to 40 years from 25(posted March 31, 2016)

Major Crimes Unit called in to investigate last week's fatal fire in Prince Rupert --  The RCMP's Major Crimes Unit is asking for the assistance of the public, after the Unit was called in to help with the investigation into a fatal fire on Sixth Avenue West on March 24th.  ( posted March 30, 2016)

Safe Navigation System now in place for Prince Rupert harbour --  The Prince Rupert Port Authority provides an update on two new navigation assistance projects in place for Prince Rupert harbour (posted March 30, 2016)

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