Monday, April 11, 2016

Sunshine Greets Cow Bay Marina Opening

The newest attraction on the Prince Rupert waterfront got its Official debut on the weekend as the Cow Bay Marina hosted a range of local politicians and community leaders to cut the red ribbon and proclaim the facility open, welcoming residents and visitors alike, inviting them to come take a walk on the boardwalk.

The official opening took place from 11 AM to 2 PM on Saturday and Mayor Lee Brain was busy providing interviews with reporters and curious observers as a steady collection of folks dropped by to take in the festivities.

An afternoon that in addition to the comments of the officials on the boardwalk, featured music from the Community Band and what appeared to be the most popular item of the day a Free Hot Dog giveaway on the Atlin Terminal observation deck.

The official snapshot of ribbon cutting was quickly circulated through the City of Prince Rupert's Social media options and retweeted and posted through any number of personal accounts.

The official opening of the Cow Bay Marina
photo from the City of Prince Rupert

Below find our travelogue of sorts of our look in to the day's events of Saturday and a couple of shots from a more tranquil boardwalk on Sunday.

The official opening party on the boardwalk Saturday, photo from the Atlin
Observation Dock
Mayor Brain on the Boardwalk at Saturday's Grand Opening of
the Cow Bay Marina Dock
Music from the Community Band was a big part of Saturday's
Grand Opening Celebrations at the Cow Bay Marina
One of the most popular stops at Saturday's Cow Bay Dock celebration
was to pick up a free hot dog served up at the Atlin Dock
The Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue #64 provided a number of
displays just off the docks at Cow Bay on Saturday

On Sunday an opportunity for a leisurely walk and some quiet reflection at the Cow Bay Marina, with not quite the same volume of visitors on the boardwalk as Saturday provided for.

Looking towards shore from the very end of the Cow Bay Dock
A look at the Atlin Terminal from the Cow Bay Dock viewpoint
The Prince Rupert Yacht Club viewed from the Cow Bay Marina Dock
A view of the Mariner's Park area, Museum of Northern BC and the Crest
taken from the dock at the Cow Bay Marina

Note: In our original story, the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue was mis-identified our apologies for the error.

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  1. Please correct:
    Our official name is the Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue and the Prince Rupert unit is unit #64. We are not Coast Guard but do partner together on many occasions to provide on the water safety.
    Thank you