Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The BC Road Trip Time Machine takes you down the Skeena circa 1966

The latest addition to a BC Ministry of Transportation Film Festival showcases Highway 16 and the 1966 drive between Prince Rupert and Terrace.

The project is called the BC Road Trip Time Machine and as we outlined some background on what it was all about back in June of last year.

The series features old film footage of some of the transportation routes in the province, a step back in time that provides a glimpse of what perhaps some, more than others, may remember when they fuelled up and hit the open road.

The Time Machine video is compiled using 16mm film footage gathered in 1966, the film was taken through a camera mounted on the dash of a car that takes images every 80 feet or so down the highway.

The Prince Rupert to Terrace video starts on 11th Avenue in Prince Rupert and before too long you quickly realize just how much has changed for the 90 minute trek into Terrace.

Beyond rolling out of town along 11th and Frederick and not finding the Ridley Access Road as you leave town, the roller coaster nature of the ride and the proximity to the Skeena makes for a bit of white knuckle ride.

Of particular notice for those that are viewing are some of the bridges that have been replaced over the years and the narrowing of the highway to travel under the old transmission tower along the Skeena River, one of the iconic aspects of the highway for those that travelled it in the past.

It also highlights for the viewer just how many improvements have been made for the corridor to Terrace since 1966.

You can review the full series from the Ministry of Transportation here.

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