Friday, April 8, 2016

City seeks volunteers for Prince Rupert Library Board

With a full year of funding soon to be in place for the Prince Rupert Library and a bit of a controversial spell of time now behind it for the City of Prince Rupert, the quest for volunteer members for the Library Board is on the city's agenda.

A Notice to the Public was posted yesterday on the City website, seeking applications for a number of positions available with the Prince Rupert Library Board.

One position is available immediately, while three other positions will become available in August.

If interested you are asked to provide a description of your skills and experience that may be of relevance to Library Board position and address the application letter to Corporate Administration, 2nd Floor City Hall, 424 - 3rd Avenue West

More background on the process of application can be found here.

Should you require more information about the process or the positions call the City at 250-624-0934 or contact them through email at

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