Monday, April 11, 2016

Prince Rupert Port Authority calls on Lelu Island encampment to cease construction activities

The encampment of individuals opposing LNG development on Lelu Island and currently in a base camp on the island have been instructed by the Prince Rupert Port Authority to curtail their construction activities at that location, a move that heralds the latest development in events surrounding the proposed LNG development for the North Coast.

The creation of cabins and other forms of construction has become part of the focus by participants of the ongoing protest, with those that have assembled on Lelu Island having a number of concerns over the plans of Pacific NorthWest LNG to develop the location as a terminal site.

In a media release from today, the Prince Rupert Port Authority as the administrator of federal crown lands on Lelu Island notes that it has not authorized the presence of those currently in place at Lelu Island, or the construction of structures by those individuals who are using the area as a base for their protest.

“We respect the right of any individual or group to express their opinions concerning port development if it is done in a safe and peaceful manner. However, raising makeshift structures does not meet that definition and has not been authorized.” -- Don Krusel, President & CEO of the Port of Prince Rupert on the topic of the encampment at Lelu Island 

One of the structures constructed
on Lelu Island by those protesting
plans of Pacific NorthWest LNG to
build an LNG terminal at Lelu

(from the Stop  Pacific NorthWest LNG
facebook page
In addition for the call to stop with the current construction plans, the Port notes that they reserve the right to require that existing structures be dismantled and all contents to be removed from the island.

The group that is currently on Lelu Island have been set up in a camp since last summer, providing updates on developments through a facebook page in recent month, though there hasn't been anything new posted to their site since late March.

Among the items of interest posted to their facebook site over the months have been a number of photos of the progress of the construction of the campsite since they took up their positions on Lelu Island.

The group has also created a website  for what has become known as the Lax U'u'la Camp, though contributions to that portal have diminished over the months.

The media advisory of today notes that the move to curtail any further construction came after the Port consulted with the leadership of local Coast Tsimshian communities.

You can review the full statement from the Port here.

For more items related to the proposed LNG development at Lelu Island, see our Pacific NorthWest LNG archive page here.

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