Sunday, April 17, 2016

Blog Watching, Week ending April 17, 2016

Lelu Island once again jumped to the top of the headlines this week with two items of interest capturing much of the attention of our readers over the last seven days.

The first of the two high traffic notes came through our item related to a letter delivered by the Prince Rupert Port Authority to those currently holding their place on Lelu Island the proposed development site for an LNG terminal on the North Coast.

Not surprisingly the item with the second highest amount of views on the week came from the response by hereditary chiefs, who replied to the communication from the Port by way of a letter to the Prime Minister and other federal officials.

City Council affairs took a few spots on our list of five on the week, first with our review of the Monday evening session through our City Council Timeline, followed by our overview of a presentation from representatives of AltaGas who provided an update for Council on their plans for a Propane export terminal at Ridley Island.

Our final item of the review of five found readers showing much interest in our pictorial account of last weekend's Grand Opening of the Cow Bay Marina and community boardwalk.

However, the top item of the week once again turns to the issues related to LNG development in the Northwest. In this instance, it was the correspondence from the Port to those that are currently holding their places in protest over the proposed development at Lelu Island

Prince Rupert Port Authority calls on Lelu Island encampment to cease construction activities -- A letter from the Port to those currently set up on Lelu Island in protest of the proposed LNG terminal at that location made for much of the news cycle this week.   (posted April 11, 2016)

That article was followed by:

Hereditary Chiefs take their response to the Prince Rupert Port Authority to the Prime Minister's office -- As a response to the Prince Rupert Port Authority, two hereditary chiefs representing those currently in place at Lelu Island offer up a response through a letter to the Prime Minister (posted April 12, 2016)

City Council Timeline, Monday, April 11, 2016 -- Our look at the events from Monday's Prince Rupert City Council session found a large audience on the week (posted April 13, 2016)

Alta Gas looks to be Propane Pioneers on the North Coast -- Monday's Prince Rupert council session featured a presentation from Alberta based AltaGas with some background on their proposed Propane Terminal on Lelu Island. ( posted April 13, 2016)

Sunshine Greets Cow Bay Marina Opening  -- Our pictorial review of the Grand Opening of the city's waterfront marina and community boardwalk  (posted April 11, 2016)

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