Saturday, April 16, 2016

MLA's Week, April 11-14, 2016

After a flurry of contributions to the proceedings at Legislature last week, the midway point of the month found things a little less hectic for North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice.

Ms Rice was listed twice  in the archive of participants for the eleven sessions of the Legislature, or for those listings related to work as part of House Committees for the week of April 7-11.

Monday found the North Coast MLA participating in the discussion related to Seniors Care in the province, with Ms. Rice calling for better staffing and resources for Seniors facilities in BC, offering up some thoughts on her experiences from Prince Rupert's Acropolis Manor.

MLA Rice speaks to the need for better staffing at Seniors facilities

Thursday afternoon found the North Coast MLA in attendance at a session of of the committee for Supply Estimates proceedings for the Ministry of Children and Family Development, with Ms. Rice asking a number of questions and seeking more background from Cabinet Minister Stephanie Cadieux on the theme of adoption in British Columbia.

You can review that commentary between the Cabinet Minister and Ms. Rice from the Committee minutes from Thursday afternoon, the discussion starts at the 16:50 minute mark.

Ms Rice is also a member of the Committee on Children and Youth, that Committee met on Thursday morning, with Ms. Rice making inquiries of both Mary Ellen Tuprel-Lafond the Representative for Children and Youth as well as the Provincial Health Officer Dr. Perry Kendall.

You can review the minutes from that session here, the North Coast MLA's questions start at the 9:30 AM point.

One other item of interest out of Victoria with potential Northwest connections came out of some notes from NDP leader John Horgan.   The NDP leader found himself in the spotlight through the week on issues a pair of issues.

First with some thoughts on the federal NDP's plans to look at the Leap Manifesto and the with some comments related to concerns from the Steelworker's union over recent NDP positions on LNG development.

Horgan rebuilds bridges with building trades
Steelworkers sharply criticize B.C. NDP
John Horgan says NDP could reverse stance on Pacific NorthWest
Leap Manifesto is gift to B. C. Liberals
Leap Manifesto a bad fit for B.C. says NDP leader John Horgan
Federal NDP could make trouble for John Horgan - and the B.C. Liberals are loving it

Members of the Legislature return to work at the Legislature on Monday April 25th.

There is more background on the North Coast MLA available from our MLA's Week Archive as well as our General Archive on the Legislature.

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