Monday, April 4, 2022

Northwest celebrates a Grammy Winner, with First Win for Smther's Alex Cuba!

The applause ripple started in Las Vegas but quickly made it's way north to Smithers and across the Northwest with Alex Cuba's Grammy win Sunday evening for his work on Mendó.

The Sunday night win, marking his first Grammy following three previous nominations in the Latin Pop genre over the last nine years.

The Album recorded in a basement studio in Smithers, saw the Cuban-Canadian top some impressive competition in the 2022 nominations to join the listings of Canadian Grammy winners over the years.

His success was noted by many across the Northwest including MLA Nathan Cullen, MP Taylor Bachrach and hometown Mayor Gladys Atrill.

A familiar voice in Prince Rupert in the past, the Smithers music maker has long been considered an up and coming talent on the larger Canadian and now American stage.

While his music may be taking him in some new directions with a Grammy win, Northwest music fans will be hoping for at least one more summer of grooves from the Smithers musician this year before larger, venues and communities compete for our attention and affections and for his time on the road.

He reacted to his success yesterday through his Facebook page, while on tour in Southern British Columbia. He's now on his way to the USA, where a Grammy Award will serve as a dandy introduction for American audiences to discover his unique sounds.

You can review his catalogue here.

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