Thursday, February 2, 2023

District of Port Edward to host Public Hearing on Zoning plans for land off Highway 16 near Prudhomme Lake

The District of Port Edward is considering a zoning change for a parcel of land along Highway 16 near Prudhomme Lake, with the council members to consider amending the use from its current status of Tourist Commercial to that of Resource. 

That in support of making the land use for that pacel, that of a Quarry.

The area in question for the proposed change of use is marked in light blue 
above it's south of Prudhomme Lake and just east of Diana Lake Park

(map from BC Lands and Titles website)

Towards that proposed change of use the District will host a Public Hearing on Tuesday, February 14 at 6PM in the District Council Chambers.

As part of that Hearing process, any persons who deem themselves affected by the proposed bylaw will have opportunity to be heard at the session.  

Or, if would be participants wish, they can submit their comments or concerns in writing to the District.

To do that, address your contribution to the Public Hearing to Polly Pereira, 770 Pacific Avenue, PO Box 1100, Port Edward, BC V0V1G0.

Deadline to submit your correspondence is end of business day at 4:30 on February 13th.

The District has copies of the Bylaw and other relevant documentation available for review at the District Office during their regular business hours, those items will be available for viewing as of February 3rd to the 13th.

More notes related to the District can be explored through our archive page here.

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