Sunday, May 21, 2023

Blog Watching Week ending May 21, 2023

Good News spreads fast it seems, with our notes of some provincial funding for Prince Rupert's 333 Recovery Home from Friday making for our most read item of the week.

The local Recovery facility which has gained much applause for its work in the community, will be part of a five city pilot project towards
recovery supports.

Among the other stories of the week to catch the eye of the reader.  

Our look at some renovations to the interior look of Acropolis Manor also gained a large audience with Northern Health and the Prince Rupert Port Authority teaming up to bring some new features to the facility.

The Skeena River has been the focus for many tis week, as an accelerated snow pack melt quickly raised the Skeena and Bulkley Rivers to flood warning status.

Natural events of fire version also had an impact on the Northwest, with a Wild Fire in the Cariboo resulting in some service issues for Prince Rupert based  CityWest.

And the Air Ambulance service is set for a change, with a Vancouver Island Helicopter service set to take charge of the Air Ambulance work across much of BC. 

From the weeks review the item which generated the most interest, was our review of Friday's Funding announcement for a Prince Rupert Recovery home.
333 Recovery Home in Prince Rupert selected as part of Provincial Recovery Pilot Project  -- The Prince Rupert Recovery facility that has changed the lives for many area. residents will gain provincial funding as part of a province wide pilot project on recovery assistance.  (posted May 19, 2023

That article was followed by: 

Acropolis Manor remake brings door wraps and other touches for residents   --  Residents at Acropolis Manor have some new views to take in around the facility, with Northern Health and the Prince Rupert Port Authority Community Investment Fund transforming the public areas and doorways in the Manor  (posted  May 17 , 2023

River Forecast Centre upgrades Skeena-Bulkley Rivers and tributaries to FLOOD WARNING status  -- It has been a week of River Watching for residents of the Terrace area and other communities along the Skeena and Bulkley Rivers. That as the extended period of hot weather has led to a rapid melt of alpine snowpacks.    (posted May 16, 2023

CityWest service in Northwest affected by wildfire near 108 Mile Ranch -- Wildfires in the Cariboo Region delivered some service interruptions for CityWest customers across the Northwest this week.   (posted May 16, 2023

New air ambulances planned for BC Emergency Health Services -- The province has announced plans to shift service of the Provincial Air ambulance fleet to a Vancouver Island Helicopter Service.   (posted May 16, 2023

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