Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Two proposed apartment complexes up for Council Discussion at tonight's Session

Council members will find two apartment proposals on their Agenda for tonight's Prince Rupert City Council session, one a follow up on the Hays Cove Apartment proposal we first noted of earlier this month.

That would be a thirty four unit development on city land at the corner of Frederick and Hays Cove Avenue. That proposal is part of the City of Prince Rupert Rapid Housing Initiative.

Hays Cove Apartment plans head to statutory notification with not a mention from Council members on Monday night 

Apartment Building proposal for Frederick and Hays Cove to be revealed at tonight's Council session 

Council members did not speak to the topic at their May 8th Council session,  so with the Development Variance that has been requested up for voting tonight, this could be the final opportunity for the council members to share some of their thoughts on the initiative.  

The Second Apartment proposal is for City owned property in the 9th Avenue West area that was put up for Sale in April of 2022.  

In the report to Council from Director of Development Services Myfannwy Pope, it's noted that the proponent intends to buy the sale at market price to develop a multifamily 5-story building with 40 units. 

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Council members are being asked to provide first and second readings of the required Zoning Amendment Bylaw and to forward the process to a Public Hearing.

Both items are available on Council Agenda for tonight for further review.

One element towards the ongoing work towards creating housing stock in the community, is  that it is slowly revealing the scope of some of the City of Prince Rupert land holdings across the community as well as what success if any that the City has had in selling off some of the land.

More notes related to this evening's Council session can be reviewed through our Council Preview Feature.

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  1. Are we now down one possible location for the middle school replacement?


  2. The footprint for the building could always go to the east onto the Sports Field of course ... not sure how the site impacts on the SD52 plans. Though that does remind us that we haven't had an update in a while on the progress of the replacement plans. NCR

    1. The footprints of both developments seem to overlap slightly so curious how this impacts middle school planning. It’s my recollection that this was one of the most desirable spots chosen by residents during SD52’s “referendum” on the issue.

      Also, is it the same lots mentioned here?


    2. Could be, or just north of it ... perhaps someone on Council will ask the question tonight to give residents some idea of what's planned NCR

  3. So is the city planning to own this road housing intitative building? It seems fuzzy