Friday, May 19, 2023

First Avenue East Infrastructure work reaches Third Avenue East intersection

The intersection at Third Ave East and First Ave East is closed
as work continues on the city's waterlines
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One of two large scale infrastructure works going back to the Christmas period State of Local Emergency has expanded its works site.

The work on the waterlines along First Avenue East now stretches  from Broadwater Industries to the intersection at Third Avenue East, the expanse of the work now encroaching on the frontage of Seasport  to the east and Rupert Meats on the west.

While the work blocks off their access from Third Avenue, Seaport has used its social media stream to update its customers on the parking availability on the Broadwater side of their stores.

Back in April, Prince Rupert Mayor Herb Pond noted of the challenges that the city's infrastructure work was having on the local businesses in the area.

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The scope of the ongoing work on First Avenue East can be seen from the Cow Bay Area with some extensive work taking place along the bluff between the two areas.

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Further to the East, work also continues in the Crestview area, with the road still closed to traffic for residents of Crestview Avenue.

The two areas were of the largest concern during the 2022 Christmas State of Local Emergency, which is when the work began towards water related concerns.

There have been no updates of late towards when the works for both locations may be completed and the roadways reopened to traffic.

More notes on the City's Infrastructure planning can be reviewed from our archive page.

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