Thursday, May 18, 2023

West Jet begins cancelling flights as labour dispute counts down to travel shut down

WestJet has started to reduce its flights in anticipation of a labour dispute
escalating to a pilots strike by the weekend

For those in the Northwest that travel WestJet out of the Terrace airport, upcoming flights would seem in doubt into the weekend as the airline prepares for what could be a full scale shutdown owing to a labour dispute.

Vancouver International Airport  provided it's latest update through its social media stream this morning assessing the current situation for travellers.

YVR Provides this link for WestJet customers to check when it comes to their flight today.

This morning WestJet issued its own update on the status of flights and what the next few days will bring for their customers. The early focus to ensure that they won't be abandoning aircraft in remote locations, leaving customers stranded without options.

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The airline and its pilots have been in labour negotiations over the last few weeks, however on Monday, the Airline Pilots Association International filed 72 hour strike notice,  the pilots noting of a lack of movement setting the stage for a potential labour stoppage.

That could make for a 2AM BC time walkout tomorrow morning if there is no sudden breakthrough in the negotiations.

The Terrace Airport Features three WestJet Flight movements as part of its daily schedule. So far indications are that all flights are still on schedule, pending further change.

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