Tuesday, May 23, 2023

SD52 Board meeting from May 16 covers extensive themes from Child Care program to budget decision making

The May 16th SD52 Board session provided for a range of themes for discussion, the largest focus coming at the end of the hour and forty five minute session coming through the final budget deliberations.

Before they reached that pivotal moment for their budget process, the Board tackled an agenda which included the announcement of the appointment of Brittney Verissimo as Acting Secretary- Treasurer.

The Board members then received a presentation on the SD52 Early Childhood Education program, with a video overview coming from the students taking the program. That was followed up by questions of Susan Kobza and Katie Wahl from the trustees on what they had experienced this past year and how it would move forward in the future.

The trustees shared some of their excitement and hopes for the program as it evolves.

Board Chair Kate Toye noted of the input from the students from their presentation

"I would love to thank you both for this presentation. I would love to thank and acknowledge that it came from the student voice which is we're always as a board very curious about and wanting to know how its impacting students, what students are feeling ... also to bring it around to weaving community in through school. I think we have such a rich and vibrant community that the more that we can reach out and the more that we can bring in the more opportunities we  can create for our kids"

Other themes explored included: 

A review of a correspondence from Ministry on themes of the Privacy Act, with the Superintendent of Schools Andrew Samoil providing an update on some of the areas that the District is taking on in areas of management of data.

A discussion towards the supply of menstrual product dispensers in District schools. 

Reports from the Superintendent of Schools included notes on Field Trips, enrolment and upcoming projects.

Of note from the reports was the decline of students in the district of two as of April 30th, related to moves out of the School District. Included as part of the discussion led by Sandra Pond was a chart that noted that the school population had stabilized over the course of five years.

"I think it's encouraging that in 2022-23 we're not seeming to have lost as much ground as we have in the last three years, we're stabilizing a little bit but still declining a little bit" -- SD52's Sandra Pond

In a follow up question from trustee Horne, Ms. Pond noted that the current enrolment was at 1,810 students.

The Superintendent provided an update on some of the activities taking place at the schools from across the District. Observing that information from each of the schools is available through both the District social media streams and those of the schools. 

An overview of the Indigenous Education programs at the District was next up on the Agenda, the focus for the night on the Annual Growth Report.  Included in the review was data on Grade 4 and 7 Reading and Numeracy results. As well as school completion rates.

Once approved by the Board, the final draft will be finalized and shared with a range of stakeholders.

The Secretary Treasurer's Report explored a range of expenditure and operations notes.

The Budget element of the session made for over forty minutes of discussion, which you can review from our article here

The Board members accepting one of seven scenarios offered accepting the prospect of no contingency funding, but reduced  prospect of potential cuts.  Of the Board members, two trustees voted against the option selected.

The evening wrapped up with notes on the Framework for Enhancing student learning, Indigenous Education Council and the District Technology steering committee.

Towards upcoming events there are two key celebrations ahead.

The Board noted of the Charles Hays Secondary School Commencement on June 9th, with Pacific Coast School to host their commencement on June 16th.

The full Board meeting can be reviewed from the SD52 Video Archive below:

More notes related to SD52 can be reviewed here.


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