Thursday, May 25, 2023

Few in the way of details to share just yet towards proposed housing plans for Ninth Avenue West

A look at the property in question towards a proposal for
40 units of housing adjacent to the golf course and current Middle School

What's planned for 40 units of housing for a lot adjacent to Prince Rupert Middle School will be explained further as part of a public hearing process yet to come, but the first stages of  that process moved forward on Tuesday night as Prince Rupert City council provided approval of a Zoning bylaw amendment for the property in question.

As we outlined on Tuesday, the proposed development would see the city sell land it has held as part of its holdings towards the development, which if approved would see the creation of a five storey building with 40 unites of market housing. 

Council members had a few questions towards the plans at the Tuesday evening council session speaking to the topic as part of the Bylaws portion of the evening's agenda.

Leading off the overview of what information was available for the moment, Councillor Reid Skelton-Morven asked towards a more common description of what the zoning development was about.

Councillor Adey observed of some of the surrounding area and some potential impacts that the proposed development might have.

"I'm just curious about process in light of other things going on just in that particular location you've got a golf course, you've got a parking lot there, you have the Middle School.

And you also have as I understand it, patiently waiting for a new Middle School at some point which I think was intended to be in that location as well. 

So I'm just wondering whether there's a need to be aware of a number of different threads that might enter into this particular development"

City Manager Rob Buchan observed that the staff is aware of the items noted by the Councillor

"The staff are aware of the other interests in the area. The potential new school and the access to the golf course and we've been working across departments to make this as seamless as possible and to address the issues. And Staff if they haven't already, will be reaching out to the School District about access and access implications"

Councillor Skelton-Morven followed up with an observation towards the need for housing in the community.

"Just to speak to the fact of the need of housing in Prince Rupert. The forty as well as many of the other developments continue to be a drop in the bucket but it all helps and makes a difference. With the anticipated need being 3,000 just to keep up with the projected growth. And I'd say ideally more towards 5,000 to keep up with  the demand that we have right now. So again I'm in just favour of this"

Councillor Barry Cunningham's enquiries were related to the type of housing and the developer, which brought forward a short snapshot of the plans ahead from the City Manager.

"Market Housing yes, we don't know if it's going to be sold or rented out, that's something that the proponent may speak to during the Public Hearing, But I would say that staff have been working on this project and we're pleased to see this brought to this point for Council's consideration.

We do know who the developer is, he is Mr. Brown, he may have partners,  and this person has been very good to work with I would say. And we're hoping that  this is a successful project so he does more projects in Prince Rupert.

As this project and a number of others of late involve city land, Councillor Cunningham followed up with a question towards a reverter clause, that would. return the land to the city if no progress on a development takes place.

The City Manager advised that the City continues to require that reverter clauses are part of the process.

Council approved the path forward towards the public hearing, though no date was announced as part of the Tuesday Council Session.

The council discussion can be reviewed through the City's Video Archive starting at The one hour ten minute mark.

A wider overview of Monday's Council session can be explored through the Council Session Archive page.

Our notes on past housing proposals for Prince Rupert can be reviewed through our archive page.

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