Thursday, May 18, 2023

Federal and Provincial investment to bring upgrades to North Coast Recycling Depot

Federal, Provincial and Regional District money will be invested
in upgrades for the Kaien Road Recycling Centre in Prince Rupert 

A joint investment from the Province of British Columbia, Federal Government and North Coast Regional District will see more than 1.5 million dollars put into upgrades to the North Coast Recycling Depot.

The money for the Kaien Road Recycling Centre in Prince Rupert will enable structural, electrical, and lighting upgrades that will increase the recycling depot’s efficiency and capacity to process material. 

The project will also allow for the purchase and installation of two new balers, and the construction of an elevated loading dock. 

Once complete, project works will increase the capacity of the recycling depot by approximately 1,200 tonnes annually. 

The upgrades will ensure the proper disposal of waste, helping to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and protect the local environment. 

North Coast Regional District Chair Barry Pages observed of the efficiencies that will come from the upgrades to the Prince Rupert facility.

“The North Coast Regional District is grateful to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program for providing this much-needed contribution to the North Coast Recycling Depot. 

The North Coast Recycling Depot is a critical piece of infrastructure that supports recycling throughout the entire region. 

This contribution will increase the North Coast Recycling Depot’s efficiency and capacity to process and divert materials headed to the landfill, ultimately reducing waste and green house gas emissions.”

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