Sunday, May 28, 2023

Blog Watching: Week ending May 28, 2023

Taking the cause to City Hall appears to have been a successful endeavour for residents of the 4th Avenue East area, with a petition and strong showing at Tuesday's Council session gaining a second look towards repairs and reopening for the pathway that joins 4th and 3rd.

Such was the interest in the petition push that both of our stories towards it this week gained a strong readership. 

Housing or the prospect of such, made for another highly reviewed theme this week with our look at Council's progress for plans for Hays Cove Avenue and a newly announce proposal for 9th Avenue West both gaining strong notice.

The recent weeks of summer like weather have delivered a summer like Fire Ban for Class 2 and 3 fires in the community.

Council travel plans made for some news out of City hall this week and the Prince Rupert Port Authority's plans for their Annual Public meeting round out our five most read items, as they set June 15th for the annual review of Port themes.

From the weeks review the item which generated the most interest, was our review of a citizens petition and calls to reopen the walkway that joins 4th Avenue East with the downtown core.
Power of Petition, attendance in gallery brings a second look at status of 4th Avenue walkway to downtown --  A gathering of signatures through a petition and residents at CityCouncil chamber on Tuesday helped sway City Council members to seek out a second look at what could be done to reopen the much used and apparently much used pathway and stairway connection between 4th and 3rd.   (posted May 24, 2023

That article was followed by: 

Two proposed apartment complexes up for Council Discussion at tonight's session -- Prince Rupert City Council is making some headway in its efforts towards creating more housing, with Council members receiving reports on plans for a housing complex on Hays Cove Avenue and on 9th West adjacent to the Golf Course/Middle School.  The latter coming up for a public Hearing on June 12.     (posted  May 23 , 2023

City of Prince Rupert puts Fire Ban in place until Mid June -- Our burst of Okanagan like summer weather of May has given cause for the City to put in a Ban towards Category 2 and 3 fires in the community.      (posted May 24, 2023

Date set for Annual Public Meeting for Prince Rupert Port Authority --  June 15th is the date for the 2023 update on Port activities, financials and future plans. With Port of Prince Rupert officials hosting their annual event at the Crest Hotel.     (posted May 24, 2023

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