Thursday, May 25, 2023

City of Prince Rupert reminds residents of options for some on property tax payments

With almost a full week to review their 20223 property tax bills, Prince Rupert residents who may need some options towards paying the bill can explore some notes from city staff.

Through the City of Prince Rupert Social Media stream, the city has shared some local notes as well as to advise of the provincial resources available for residents looking to reduce some of the impact of the 12.5 percent tax call from City Council last month.

Among the suggestions, setting up pre-authorized payments for property tax and utility bills; as well as to remind property owners of the Provincial Home Owner Grant and Property Tax deferral program .

The 2023 Property Taxes due date is July 4, 2023  

After that date, a 10 percent penalty is assessed on arrears and delinquent calculated to July 4, 2023.

More notes on the 2023 Budget and decision of Property taxes can be explored from our archive page.

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