Monday, May 15, 2023

MLA Jennifer Rice to host Community BBQ at Mariner's Park Tuesday

A chance to catch up with North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice comes up on Tuesday and the MLA will spring for the hot dogs (or vegetarian option) for her Community BBQ.

The Spring session just wrapped up last Thursday, and the call to the Chamber is not anticipate again until September, so constituents likely will be seeing more of Ms. Rice in communities across the North and Central Coast along with Haida Gwaii.

The MLA's invitation to the public was posted last week, setting Tuesday, May 16th from 11:30AM  to 1:30 PM at Pacific Mariners Memorial Park the venue.

The event page can be reviewed here, more notes from the MLA can be explored through her social media stream.

You can review some of Ms. Rice's work in the Legislature this past spring from our archive page.

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