Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Date set for Annual Public Meeting for Prince Rupert Port Authority

Prince Rupert residents are less than a month away now from getting the annual update on Port related themes, with the Prince Rupert Port Authority set to host their Annual Public meeting on June 15th at the Crest Hotel.

The session which will take place form 5 to 6 PM, will provide a review of port performance levels over the last year, as well as to update residents on the progress of recent initiatives or make note of any potential new developments on the horizon.

Those with an interest in port activities can get the month to month performance picture here, while the Port's financial results are listed as part of this archive posted to the PRPA website.

As we've noted in previous months, the volume of cargo through the DP World facility is significantly less than a year ago, while Grain and Coal throughput has risen in  the last twelve month comparison.

Notes on past themes from the PRPA can be reviewed through our archive page.


  1. The CEO makes $574,000/year

    Ken Veldman makes $305,000/year

    1. Vancouver Fraser Port Authority pays president and CEO Robin Silvester $1.2 / year.
      Recently retired Sylvie Vachon made $513,000 in 2018 as the CEO at the Port of Montreal.
      Allan Gray, CEO of the Port of Halifax made $391/year in 2019

  2. Are you going to outline in detail port employee wages as you do with the City? Interested readers want to know

  3. Strange. I post publically available financial information on port executive compensation and you censor my comment?

  4. Really don’t want port wages posted.. wonder why?

    1. Regarding all FOUR of your urgent dispatches noted above, all in the space of just a few Hours ...

      There is nothing 'strange', nor any form of 'censorship' as you have often shouted from atop your sun deprived corner of the inter tubes ... alas it was that I was busy with other stories.

      Which if you had taken the time to read the full blog and not just your Pavlovian response to the word 'Port' you might have noticed.

      To refresh your memory, the comments part of the blog is a courtesy which I provide; not a constitutional right as you seem to believe.

      I get to them and approve them from moderation as opportunity allows, with blog content over riding that element.

      To somehow believe that I'm sitting here awaiting your latest manic related port screed is beyond comprehension.

      Now to ensure that your deep dark web findings ... (which I provided the link towards in the piece advising of the actual meeting) get accessed to as fast as you deliver them ... perhaps create your own journal or Information.

      Whether on blogger, twitter, Facebook, or any other online forum that suits your needs ...

      Call it the B List if you like ...

      For future reference, Blog content will trump checking the comments holding pen nine times out of ten.

      Now since you appear to have so much to say on port issues, I trust you will attend the June meeting and regale Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Veldman and anyone else within earshot of your insight of the global shipping industry and its impact on municipalities .. NCR