Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Review of Port City Spirits Liquor Amendment Referral likely short tonight, with recommendation for Council to defer to June

Another delay towards the Port City Spirits lounge amendment
may be on the horizon for City Council

What course of action that Prince Rupert City Council members may take when it comes to the request for a Liquor Licence Amendment referral from the City is likely to need a bit more time, that coming out of a note on tonight's Council Agenda.

As part of the Reports to Council, Corporate Administrator Rosa Miller will recommend that Council further postpone review of the Liquor Licence Amendment to enable a lounge area endorsement for 801 Fraser Street to June 12, 2023.

There is no additional information from the Agenda to suggest why the extension is required.

At the last Council session, the original request was deferred by two weeks to tonight, that as Council heard some concerns from the public on the location of the proposed lounge, while proponents for the project also spoke to the topic.

That scenario could replay tonight, with the topic on the Agenda and thus available for discussion as part of the Public comment period at the start of the session.  That offers the chance for both sides of the discussion to share more thoughts on the topic for the Council membership.

Some of our past background on the Referral process can be reviewed below"

More notes related to this evening's Council Session can be reviewed from our Session archive page.

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  1. While there may be some pushback on a tasting room. Under current zoning (C3 Commercial) you could technically have a Cannabis retail store beside a child care facility in Prince Rupert.

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