Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Petition Push calls for City to repair walkway/staircase between 4th Ave West and 3rd West

The Closed status of a staircase and pathway between Third West
and Fourth West has generated a six page petition from residents
calling for it to be repaired and reopened

Residents and their supporters of the neighbourhood directly above the downtown core from 4th to 6th Avenue west want their walkable conduit to the downtown core back.

A six page petition delivered to City Hall earlier this month contains the names of those drawing attention to the issue to City Council with a request that remediation to the popular connection be done to reopen it.

The petition which will be reviewed as part of the Council Agenda for tonight, urgently requests that the City, Mayor and Council allocate funds for the repair of the walkway, noting how it is an important access to downtown and its many amenities.

The closure of the walkway has been raised by City Councillor Barry Cunningham a few times in recent months, most recently at the May 4th Special Council session.

As we outlined earlier this month, at that meeting Richard Pucci, the Director of Operations noted that there is no timeline in place towards reopening the walkway as the budget did not have to funds to provide for a geo-technical assessment that is required.

The Director further observing that the city believes it is going to be a far larger project  than anyone really believes, citing a number of issues with the pathway.

The letter and petition is part of the consent agenda for this evening's City Council session, which means if they wish the signatories or anyone else interested in the issue can speak to the topic as part of the public comment portion of tonight's Council Session.

More notes on tonight's Council meeting can be reviewed through our Preview page here.

Past notes on infrastructure themes is available from our archive page.

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