Friday, February 16, 2024

2024 Municipal tax call is underway, as City of Prince Rupert utility bills arrive in mail

The first of two municipal tax calls begins this month, with the City of Prince Rupert sending out the 2024 Municipal utility tax bill this week, the 2024 edition once again signalling a slight increase in the demand for payment for City Hall due March 31st.

As it has for a number of years now, Prince Rupert has divided up the tax request, looking to address its utility funding programs early with the March call for payment; the larger of the taxation will come later this summer with the Property Tax Bill Notices to go out in June for payment by the first week of July.

City Council approved the 2024 schedule of rate increases last year, which for most Prince Rupert residents will see an additional thirty dollars applied for this year compared to the year before.

The levies for the most part evenly split among the Water, Sewer and Garbage accounts in the city's Finance office at City Hall.

Residents who make payment before the 28th of March can take a ten percent discount off of their Account Balance for the year.

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Some background from the city on their approach to Utility Tax Payments is available here.

Below is a look back at the path of increases for the Utility Bill tax call for much of the last decade. 

2023 -- Let's get that taxation started ... City of Prince Rupert utility bills now in the mail
2022 -- From City Hall to your mailbox, the roll out of the 2022 Utility Bills has begun
2021-- The City's tax collectors would like a moment of your time and some of your cash for Utility payments 
2020 -- Payment Due: City's Utility Bills begin to arrive across Prince Rupert
2019 -- Your mail call this week brings a tax call from the City of Prince Rupert
2018 -- March 30th the deadline for payment, as utilities bills hit the mail for Prince Rupert Residents
2017 -- Payment's Due! As city's utility bills arrive with March deadline
2016 -- City's first wave of taxation collection now underway
2015 -- City Service and Utility bills begin to drop into home owners mailboxes

Should you have questions related to the 2022 Utilities taxes you can contact City Hall at 250-627-0964.

As we noted above, the larger Property Tax Call for payment comes this summer, with City Council having put in place a 7.7 percent increase for 2024, that as they look to address a range of challenges and support recent salary increases for services and operations. 

You can review our past notes on Taxation themes from City Hall from our archive page.


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