Monday, February 12, 2024

Procurement plan for Major projects to be outlined to Council tonight

How the City of Prince Rupert plans to rollout its major project plans and spend some of that capital funding approved by City Council will be relayed to the council membership tonight.

Richard Pucci, the City's Director of Operations and Intergovernmental Relations has provided for a short synopsis of the procurement process towards 7 elements of major infrastructure work.

With the majority of the calls for Bids either currently posted to the BC Bid website or in the process of being put up for contract awards. 

The total value of the work ahead estimated by Mr. Pucci to be between 20 and 30 million dollars worth of construction.

Among those listed, the Overland Water project, 6th Avenue Bridge rehabilitation, and Seal Cove Outfall Replacement.

Mr. Pucci will also note that the New public works facility at the old McCarty motors site  will move into the Design/Build bidding, along with the closure of the West landfill site.

The New Wetland Treatment Facility featured at the last Council session will be heading out for Bid, that project now relocated to just off Park Avenue near the old Anchor Inn and adjacent to Moresby Park, the work to take place where the fuel tanks were removed a few years ago.

As well, the call for bids for the Submarine line between the city and the Shawatlans Lake area.

A number of equipment purchases are also moving forward with Bid requests in motion for some.

You can follow the BC bid postings through our archive page here, which outlines the scope of those Bid requests when published by the City.

The background notes towards many of those projects can be reviewed through our archive page of Major Projects.

Tonight's report will also offer up the chance for Council members to ask questions of the Director related to the listings noted.

They may also want to seek out some guidance as to the progress for the much anticipated Federal Funding request for over 80 million dollars on infrastructure requirements. 

As we outlined last week, so far in 2024, there has not been an update for the public on that outstanding funding request.

More notes on tonight's Council Sessional can be reviewed here.


  1. Will my dog be safe drinking the water in Moresby?
    What about the wildlife?
    What are the worst case scenarios?
    All these items should be addressed.

  2. The city has no money.mTime to put a hold on McCarty’s.
    We don’t even own the building.