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Pink the colour of the day, as Schools, organizations observe Pink Shirt Day

The fashion choice was simple for many in Prince Rupert and as you travel around town you can see that the one colour dominated the workplace or school environment today, Pink, that as British Columbia observed on the Annual Pink Shirt Day.

An initiative to call attention towards the prevention of bullying .

The Day one which came with an official proclamation from Janet Austin the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia.

That followed up by a statement from Premier David Eby, who outlined some of the steps the government has taken to address bullying both at the schools and online.

The Premier noting of how he was observing the day.

“Today, my family and I will wear pink and talk about how we can be better supporters of all kids, in the halls of the school and the halls of the legislature. I encourage everyone in British Columbia to do the same. Together, we can end bullying.”

North Coast MLA Jennifer Rice caught up with the Premier for a snapshot of their wardrobe and message for the day.

In Prince Rupert From Schools across the city, to the college, to a number for offices and businesses the message was one of working together to eliminate bullying.

From SD 52, Conrad Elementary outlined their focus through their newsletter earlier this month.

The largest observation of Pink Shirt Day is that coordinated through Vancouver radio station CKNW, which has been part of the anti bullying program since it began n 2007.

The Surrey School District offers up this brief historical review of the program.

Today organizers noted of a Haida Influence to their project with the Pink Shirt that was designed coming from Haida artist Corey Bulpitt. 

You can learn more about his work and his message for the day here.

They also provide some quick facts on the Pink Shirt Day program and its success to date.

Locally, the Gitmaxmak'ay Nisga'a Society has their own Tee Shirt for the day available for the community.

We're saving some space below for the snapshots from around Prince Rupert, check back from time to time to see what we've added to the page as they come along.

Coast Mountain College in Prince Rupert was among the first
to put out their photo collection

City Hall was in the Pink on Wednesday

More notes on community themes is available here.

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