Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Results of testing for potential mining on Porcher Island outlined

A Canadian mining firm  is moving forward on its exploratory work for mining plans on Porcher Island, announcing the results of some test samples that recently came out of some sampling taking place on the island southwest of Prince Rupert

Great Republic Mining reported last week that the results of their prospecting, sampling and ground geophysics program  had confirmed the potential for mineralization of a large-scale stratified Vanadium-Iron-Titanium mineralized system on the Company’s Porcher Island Property.  

Vanadium is a mineral anticipated for high demand towards new energy development,  with Great Republic noting that demand is growing in new battery technology applications such as stationary redox energy storage facilities supplementing the demand in traditional steel alloys. 

“The Company recognizes the importance of vanadium for industrial uses as well as the emerging Vanadium battery technologies. Our project is advantageously located on the Pacific coast. Our field program has demonstrated both the presence of significant Vanadium values in the context of encouraging, large scale magnetic anomalies over an area of several square kilometres.” -- Fred Davidson CEO on Great Republic Mining.

Thursday's information statement did not outline what kind of Timeline that Great Republic may be working on towards their interest in the property or the required process for any start of mining on Porcher Island.

Any first step likely would require the company to take control of the site in question.  

The notes from the mining firm indicate that they have an option to acquire 100% in interest in the Procure property where the sampling was conducted.

One first step might also be to correct their website, the prospectus page identifies Porcher Island as Porter Island ...

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  1. This is the sketchiest thing I have ever seen. I'm not even sure This is a real company.