Friday, February 23, 2024

New carpeting on the way for Prince Rupert Library

Patrons and staff at Prince Rupert's House of Reading could soon have some new carpeting to pad around on as they search the aisles upon aisles of material for research or borrowing.

The flooring replacement program is the subject of a call for bids posted today on the BC Bid site, with the clock now ticking down to the deadline for bids of March 13th at 4PM.

The background to the Call for bids noting that the city is looking for qualified proponents to replace carpeting in designated first and second floor areas of the Sixth Avenue West library facility.

Towards the work, the City's prospectus notes the following:

The second-floor area is approx. 1000 square feet, excluding the book shelves. The main floor area is approx. 4000 square feet, excluding bookshelves. The type of flooring to be installed is commercial carpet tiles. 

The carpet will be installed around and up to the existing bookshelves (library stacks), as moving the latter will not be practical. All furniture will be moved and replaced by library staff, in coordination with the Contractor.

The posting to the BC Bid portal also notes that the funding for the program has been approved though no timeline is indicated other the approval was made towards completion of the work in 2024.

More notes on past City of Prince Rupert bid requests can be reviewed here.

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  1. Who pays for carpets at the library? Carpets wear out. Wouldn’t laminate be better?