Wednesday, February 21, 2024

District of Port Edward posts call for proposals towards updates and revisions to Emergency Preparedness Plan

Planning for the unexpected is the focus for the District of Port Edward which is at the start of work towards an update on their Emergency Preparedness Plan for the community.

The outline of work and the scope of the expectations of the District towards the work is part of a four page prospectus for those with an interest in the project.

The District of Port Edward is inviting qualified consultants or firms to submit proposals for the revision and enhancement of our Emergency Preparedness Plan. The primary objective of this initiative is to ensure the plan's compliance with current legislative requirements from the province of British Columbia and the federal government of Canada while enhancing its efficacy in addressing potential emergencies. 

The selected consultant/firm will undertake a comprehensive review of the existing Emergency Preparedness Plan, evaluating its effectiveness in addressing potential emergencies and disasters. 

Additionally, the consultant/firm will identify and analyze any changes in legislative requirements related to emergency preparedness, ensuring that the updated plan aligns with and meets all relevant legal and regulatory standards. 

Stakeholder engagement is a critical component of this initiative, with the consultant/firm expected to gather feedback from key stakeholders, including local emergency services, government agencies, community organizations, and residents, ensuring a community-oriented approach. 

Furthermore, proposals should include details on the consultant/firm's qualifications, relevant experience, and methodology for conducting the review and update. A detailed timeline with key milestones, a comprehensive budget estimate, and at least three professional references are also required.

The Call for proposals closes on March 29th at 4 PM with copies of the proposal to be delivered to the District Office on Pacific Avenue in Port Edward.

Watching over the process for the District is CAO Todd Francis, those with an interest in the work can contact him at 250-628-3867 or by email at

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