Tuesday, February 27, 2024

UBCM updates municipal government's on path ahead for contract policing with RCMP

Municipal governments across the Northwest, like Prince Rupert which have a contract policing agreement with the RCMP gained some feedback last week as to the pace of negotiations for what will be the second contract with the National Police  Federation.

The UBCM notes providing guidance that municipal governments should make allowances for a planning rate of 3.5 % from the latest round of bargaining. They suggest that the financial hit for communities will be less than that found from the initial contract.

The second Collective Agreement is anticipated to cover three years, retroactive to April 1, 2023.

The review for member municipalities also outlines a range of policing issues of note for municipal government, included is plans for the roll out of Body Worn Cameras, Pension plan themes, as well as an Assessment of the future for contract policing in the province.

Along that theme of the future, some of the challenges in recruitment that the RCMP is having also makes for some of the UBCM review, noting that 400 recruits are destined for BC this year, along with another 100 experienced officers to move to the province.

More notes on civic themes for Prince Rupert can be reviewed here.

A look at some of the work of Emergency Responders in the region is available here.

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