Thursday, February 29, 2024

District of Port Edward launches new approach towards waterfront park plans

The District of Port Edward is making a second attempt 
towards approval for a recreation area just off of the Galloway Bridge area
(image from BC Gov't Crown Lands website)

The District of Port Edward is back with a new application to the province towards their hopes of developing a waterfront park recreation area in the Galloway Rapids area just off of Highway 16.

As we noted last year the District's first attempt from 2022 was not approved by the province, that after the District had expressed an interest in expanding the application to additional land on the waterfront side of the highway.

The District's second bite at the apple was recently listed on the Government's Crown Lands website, with the application available for comments until April 11th.

The area of development is to the west of the Galloway Rapids bridge, running parallel into the highway leading into Port Edward.

It features a slightly different footprint from that proposed from two years ago.

The documentation that is part of the application providing some details as to the ambitions that the District have for the location.

The District of Port Edward is looking at developing a water access area for our community and visitors to enjoy. We have identified this area for our waterfront access and we are now applying to the Crown in order to secure this location. The plan is to develop a waterfront area, all measurements are approximate dimensions. 

The vision is to provide a natural atmosphere and an area where the public can access the water . A consultant has been hired to develop a concept design for the park and walking trail into Port Edward. We might set up picnic tables and some seating areas for visitors to enjoy. 

We will need to apply to the Ministry of Transportation to allow us to use the Highway right of way to create angle parking just off the highway. The concept design will provide us more details on how this waterfront park will look like.

We chose this location because any harbour area within out townsite is where CN Railway runs their now double track railway lines and the train traffic will only increase with the coming years as industry increases. 

This proposed area currently does not have these barriers and we do not foresee them in the future. Another reason for the development of this area is that if we secure the land and funding we have control of what happens in this area. 

There are several existing sites that have water access but they are privately own that have been used by the public in the past but owners are considering closing these areas to the public (such as the Kloyia Bay area). 

There is a desired for recreational areas that allow for beach access and we hope we are able to develop this area to support more recreational parks in our area.

The application includes a concept book of what the site would like once work is completed, should the District gain approval and follow through on their development plans. 

Among the features that should find much favour with local residents is a waterfront area which would include: a boardwalk, rest area, possible kayak launch area, education trail   and eventually connect up with other trail building plans for the region.

Items related to the Port Edward Crown Land use application
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You can review the full application from the District from the BC Crown Lands website here.

There was much disappointment expressed from the public when the previous attempt to develop recreation space in that area was turned down, so hopefully this revised approach will meet with the approval of government officials.

The vision for that area one that does seem to offer up a welcome oasis for residents looking to enjoy water access in the region.

More notes from the District of Port Edward can be explored through our archive page.


  1. Love it. A wide boardwalk would be ideal. I would go further right up to kloyia Bay. It's an idea I pushed for in 2016 but never got anywhere. Run stairs off the boardwalk to access beach . Get er done.

  2. Hopefully this goes through and actually gets done. Some nice ocean front recreation areas are desperately needed around here.