Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Skeena Bulkley Valley MP brings Red Dress Alert Campaign to Prince Rupert for All Native Basketball Tournament

An information campaign to spread word of an NDP initiative in the House of Commons to create an alert system towards Missing Indigenous Women across Canada, will seek support for the program from those attending the 64th Annual All Native Basketball Tournament.

Skeena-Bulkley Valley MP Taylor Bachrach provided for this latest push in Prince Rupert, with the gathering of the Nations at the ANBT providing for a powerful venue for the proposed Red Dress Alert program.

The first part of a week long campaign in the city started with post cards arriving in local mailboxes to highlight the program and its call for action from the Federal Liberal government.

Mr. Bachrach was one of a number of political figures to take part in Sunday night's opening to the 64th Annual All Native Basketball Tournament and through his social media page he has outlined the plan for a week long engagement in Prince Rupert to gain signatures. 

That will come by way of  an information station to be in place at the Rupert Square Mall Today through Thursday.

The post card campaign which is addressed to Domenic LeBlanc, the Federal Minister of Safety highlights the tragic incidents of missing and murdered Indigenous women over the decades and calls for the creation of an alert system similar to an Amber Alert.

The project would use the cell phone network to quickly notify members of the public that someone has been reported missing. 

The post card campaign does not require postage as the address for delivery is the House of Commons in Ottawa.  

The Red Dress Alert proposal was created by Winnipeg Centre MP Leah Gazan in the Spring  of 2023, the Skeena MP has been in the forefront of advocacy towards it since Ms. Gazan brought the concept to Parliament.

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