Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Prince Rupert's The Source Closes, leaving the new BestBuy/Source hybrid for points east

The Doors to the Source in Prince Rupert are closed today.
Inside, staff were preparing product for shipment out of town
following the closure of the Prince Rupert location

Prince Rupert has seen another retail closure as we head towards the end of February. 

This one coming with news that the national electronics chain The Source has closed its Rupert Mall location, the advisory for customers coming by way of a email correspondence noting that the store had closed as of Monday.

While the Prince Rupert store ceases its operations and is already purged from the store  location listings, their operations in Terrace and Smithers remain open, still available as part of the Source search engine.

As we outlined in January, the Source which is part of the Bell Canada corporate family announced some significant changes to its business model, with plans in motion to create a partnership with Best Buy.

At the time the Source had indicated that some of their stores would be closing across Canada, while others would be shifting to the new Source/Best Buy project. 

Though it appears from the News yesterday that the Prince Rupert location was one for the closing column.

The new hybrid creation destined for other Northwest communities and one that does not have Prince Rupert currently in their business Model.

Later in the day, Rupert Square management shared the timeline for Radio Shack/Source in Prince Rupert.

More notes on the city's Commercial sector can be reviewed here.


  1. Time for Pollyco, the owner of Rupert Square Mall to speak to the future vision of their property in Prince Rupert.

    According to their website, Pollyco aims to build quality and sustainable communities where residents love to live, shop, work and play.


    This is a company that develops residential and commercial properties. Both of which are needed in Prince Rupert.

  2. The Source in Terrace, Smithers and Kitimat are all shutting down as well and not being converted to Best Buy Express. They will be closing later in the year.

    1. Hopefully, Source/Best Buy confirm that info sooner than later for the public as well, so we'll have some idea as to their retail blue print for Northern BC. NCR