Friday, February 16, 2024

Recent Marine visitors to Prince Rupert Harbour theme for next Coastal Conversations session

A look at the travels of the Whales of Prince Rupert
is the topic for a Coastal Conversation Session on Tuesday

They've been the talk of the area for a few months now, with the frequent passings of pods of Whales through local waters making for a growing collection of Prince Rupert area photo and video presentations through Social Media.

And Tuesday night, the Whales of local lore will be the discussion topic for the ongoing series of Coastal Conversations hosted by the North Coast Ecology Centre Society.

Karina Dracott from Ocean Wise will be leading the discussion on the night, she will trace some of the history of the over 400 individual humpback whales that spend some of the ocean travels in local waters.

The Session has been noted as Humpbacks in the Harbour, with organizers looking to do a dive into the many sightings of the Whales in recent months. 

The session takes place at the Port Interpretive Centre in the Atlin Terminal, with a start time set for 7:30 PM on Tuesday evening.

The Society has a number of photos of some of their study on the topic of whales available on their Social Media stream, as well as updates on their work in the Prince Rupert Area.

More notes on Community events can be reviewed here.

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