Thursday, February 15, 2024

Flag Day in Prince Rupert

Today marks the 59th birthday for Canada's Maple Leaf National flag! 

The now iconic identity of the nation was born into controversial times the debate one which raged in Parliament and Beyond through late 1964 and 1965.  

Now close to six decades later, it's hard to understand the nature of the controversy of those times towards development of a unique Canadian identity for the world.

Today our Maple Leaf flag, remains a standard of respect around the world, despite how our politicians  seem at times do their best to try to reduce that imprint around the globe.

The celebration for the National Flag of Canada started in Ottawa with a statement from  Pascale St. Onge the Minister of Canadian Heritage.

Today we celebrate National Flag of Canada Day and the 59thanniversary of the Canadian flag. Since 1965, February 15 has been an important day for people to express their pride in this symbol that unites us. 

The maple leaf flag represents values we hold dear, such as democracy, inclusion and equity. These values are rooted in Canadian culture and shape our identity. Let's take pride in our flag and our achievements. It represents our past, our present and our future. 

 invite you to celebrate the maple leaf flag and the values that unite us as Canadians. Let's be proud to live in a democratic country and help make it ever stronger. 

Happy National Flag of Canada Day!

We took a tour today to check out some of the Flags of Prince Rupert, though on this day when a good breeze would be welcome to showcase the Maple Leaf, few gusts were around in a timely fashion for a photo shoot. 

One area of the City was noticeable as Flag Free, that being Mariners Park. The City's central gathering spot features no flags at this time, Likely related to its exposure to some of the strong winds we find through the Winter months.

Prince Rupert City Hall had a few flags on display from the solitary flag on the East side of the Civic precinct, while the front of City Hall features a mix of Provincial and National flags.

Of note from that City Hall Front collection, is the absence of the new Civic Flag which was adopted in the fall of 2023.  To learn more about its status, we contacted City of Prince Rupert Communications Manager Veronika Stewart to find out if the new civic flag has arrived and when it will make its debut.

"The flags have now been delivered, and I believe the plan is to put them up in the Spring as the inclement weather has a tendency to make quick work of them around here. 

 We’re looking forward to flying them proudly!"

Some history on the civic Flag project, can be reviewed below:

Notes from the Federal Government on the Canadian flag can be explored here.

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