Sunday, February 25, 2024

Blog Watching: Week ending February 25, 2024

Our look at the status of the Alaska Ferry Dock and some suggestions from the Alaska side of the A/B line on a potential repair plan made for a significant volume of views this week.

Also gaining some strong readership. on the week was our review of the Transport Canada report on the February 7th aviation incident at YPR, as well as our look at the positive news behind a road closure.

The City's retail sector suffered another closure this week, with the Rupert Square Radio Shack shutting its doors.

And hot on the heels of the arrival of our  annual Utility Bills collection call, some residents have expressed the belief that the water element of taxation collection should be suspended until the water issues are resolved, some launching a petition to call for that.

When it came to the most read item of the week, it was the future for the Alaska Ferry dock that gained the most attention.

Is Prince Rupert pondering repairs for AMHS dock to assist return for Alaska Ferry Service?  -- The topic of the many challenges facing the Alaska Ferry service dominated the recent Southeast Conference meetings.  One item from our notes on the conference, was related to a newspaper article from Ketchikan which suggests at least one challenge, that of the AMHS Dock in Prince Rupert may have a remedy.     (posted February 23, 2024

That article was followed by: 

Transport Canada releases occurrence report for February 7th Summit Air incident at YPR -- The Federal agency which oversees transportation in Canada provided for the first indication as to why a Summit Air Charter flight went off the runway earlier this month at the Digby Island Airport.      (posted February 22 , 2024)

Shawatlan's Road work ahead, a precursor to water main replacement project --  A Road Advisory from the City last week, while making for an inconvenience for motorists heading to and from the Industrial park is actually a welcome sign of progress for the water infrastructure replacement program.     (posted February 23, 2024

Prince Rupert's The Source closes, leaving the New Best Buy/Source hybrid for points east   --The Retail electronics store with a thirty four year history at the Rupert Square and even longer in Prince Rupert closed its doors this past week, the Prince Rupert Operations not part of the new Best Buy/Source retail footprint for Canada.      (posted February  20, 2024

Utility Bills reminder sparks petition calling for  hold on water taxes in Prince Rupert -- A reminder from the City of Prince Rupert through social media stirred up some discussion on the pending Utility tax deadline of march, along with a petition call for a suspension of taxes on the water element of those utility bills.   (posted February 21, 2024

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