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MLA's Week: February 20-22, 2024

British Columbia's MLA's returned to Victoria this week, the work ahead marking the Spring Session for the Legislature and what is anticipated to be a tempestuous few months in the lead up to the fall election.

The MLA's made their way to the Legislature following the Family Day weekend, the launch of the Spring session a gentle work load, with just two and a half days of time in the Chamber.

The week began on Tuesday with the pomp and ceremony of the Speech from the Throne from Lieutenant Governor Janet Austin, the presentation one part a recap of NDP government achievements from the past, along with a blueprint for the session ahead.

Among the themes from the Speech was the NDP government's plans on infrastructure, which included a nod to the challenges in Prince Rupert.

Thursday brought the Budget, with Finance Minister Katrine Conroy introducing a large deficit for the lengthy list of spending items that the Government plans to move forward on.

One small element of that financial output will be delivered to the communities of the Northwest, with the Eby government finally moving forward on the Northwest BC Resource Benefit Alliance's call for some fair return on the resources taken from the region. 

Prior to the Budget announcement, Prince Rupert Mayor Pond had noted of the hopes for the co chairs who were heading to Victoria.

As for more on the work from the House, the first  three days of the new session  unfolded for the three regional MLA's as follows:


On the week, Ms Rice was mentioned three times for the week in the  Legislature from February 20-22.

Her first contribution to the proceedings of the Chamber came on Wednesday, with the MLA speaking of some of her constituency staff who were in the gallery. 

On Thursday, MLA Rice provided for introductions of the members of the RBA collective who were in Victoria (her welcome comes at the 10:13 mark of the morning session

Ms Rice also used the Thursday statements part of the morning session to speak to housing initiatives in Prince Rupert and on Haida Gwaii (see the video presentation at  10:22 AM)

Earlier in the week the MLA had shared her enthusiasm for the Government plans for the Spring Session ahead, using her social media stream to highlight elements of the Speech from the Throne.

Committee Membership at the legislature has yet to be detailed:

Ms. Rice currently serves as the Government's Parliamentary Secretary for Rural health.

The North Coast MLA also addressed a range of themes and relayed  a number of government announcements through her Social Media Stream.


For our readers from the Terrace-Kitimat region, Skeena MLA Ellis Ross  was  mentioned four times  in the record for the week in the Legislature from February 20-22, 2024.

The first comments for the Spring session came in the Wednesday Question period,  that as the Skeena MLA joined Conservative leader John Rustad speaking to Minister Nathan Cullen's handling of the Land Act initiative was a part of Question Period at 14:26 PM.

Later in the same session,  Mr. Ross provided for his response to the Throne Speech from Tuesday. His observation on the Government's plans for the session ahead can be reviewed at the 17:01 PM mark of the Legislature video

Thursday Mr. Ross noted of the attendance of Terrace Mayor Sean Bujtas, Ron Poole and Prince Rupert Mayor Herb Pond (those introductions came at 10:12 AM)

During the Thursday morning Question Period, Mr. Ross spoke to some recent changes in how the government wants British Columbians to refer to themselves (see video at 10:35 AM)

Mr. Ross serves as the BC United critic on LNG and Energy

Committee Membership at the legislature has yet to be detailed:

This likely marks the last session for the Skeena MLA who  will be focused on the Federal scene ahead, that after this nomination for the Conservatives for the Skeena-Bulkley Valley constituency in the upcoming Federal election.

The Skeena MLA also addressed a range of themes  featured as part of the MLA's social media work.


For our readers from the Bulkley Valley area, Stikine MLA Nathan Cullen  was  mentioned  twice  in the record for the week in the  Legislature from February 20-22.

Much of the week for the Sitkine MLA was related to his duties as Minister of Water, Land and Resources stewardship, with Mr. Cullen in the spotlight after the NDP government had to abandon their plans for changes to the Land Act following some six weeks of controversy.

As for his work in the Legislature on the week, Mr. Cullen's participation began with some acknowledgements of members in the gallery including Smithers Mayor Gladys Atrill. (the tribute can be viewed at 13:44 PM)

The Wednesday session found the Minister on the defensive in the Chamber. That as opposition members challenged his handling of the Land Act initiative that had been suspended for the session by the Government. 

That debate starts with questions from Conservative Leader Rustad followed by Skeena MLA Ellis Ross the engagement was a part of Question Period at 14:26 PM.

Mr. Cullen was back in the spotlight during the Thursday Question Period once again speaking to the controversial Land Act approach that the government had taken and then suspended. (see 10:55 AM)

Committee Membership at the legislature has yet to be detailed:

Mr. Cullen serves as the Government's Minister of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship.

The Stikine MLA also had comments on a range of themes through his Social Media stream this week


There is more background on all three Regional MLA's available from our  MLA's Week Archive, as well as our constituency archives below.

Members return to the Legislature on Monday, with the debate on the Budget likely to pvoivde for much of the discussion and news for the week ahead. 

A larger overview of provincial issues can be found on our  Political Portal D'Arcy McGee.  

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