Thursday, February 22, 2024

All Roads lead to Gingolx for Hoobiyee 2024

The Celebration of the Nisga'a New Year arrives tomorrow with travellers from across Northwest BC and beyond making their way to the Nass valley community of Gingolx for the two days of Hoobiyee.

The theme for the weekend festivities is that of "Honouring our Harvesters past and present"

The two days ahead feature Drummers and Dancers from across the region the program for those performances outlined from the Agenda below:

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As they have for a number of years now, Radio Station CFNR will be live streaming the Hobiyee from Gingolx starting at 9AM on Friday. That stream provides a look into the celebrations for those that can't make the journey or just want to experience one of the significant events for the Northwest.

You can access the CFNR live stream here.

Updates on the weekend plans from Gingolx can be followed through an event page created for Hoobiyee 2024.

More notes of interest from the Nass Valley can be reviewed here.

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