Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Mayor Pond in Vancouver for UBCM Housing Summit

Prince Rupert Mayor Herb Pond has provided a snap shot of his itinerary for the next few days as the City's top elected official heads to Vancouver for the UBCM Housing Forum, taking place at the Westin Bayshore Hotel.

Mr. Pond noted through his social media stream today that he was up bright and early this morning to catch his Flight from Terrace to Vancouver, the first leg of a journey that will last through to Thursday as part of the gathering of municipal officials to discuss Housing issues with provincial officials.

Like many travelling Rupertites, the frequency of the flight schedule
for the Northwest Regional Airport in Terrace worked best
for Mayor Pond's travel plans this week

The need to fly out of the Northwest Regional airport one which has generated a few comments for his Facebook message related to the air service available in Prince Rupert.

As for the Housing Forum taking place today and tomorrow, the agenda features wide ranging list of guest speakers and panel discussions towards the housing crisis in the province.  

As we noted last week, of note for Prince Rupert's Mayor, is that included on the list is the Federal Housing Minister Sean Fraser, someone who is also key to the city's infrastructure funding quest with the Federal government. 

The full Agenda for the two day housing summit is available here.

Of note for Day One is the Conversation with BC Housing Minister Ravi Khalon at 1PM today, along with the number of Break out sessions on a number of key issues such as homeless encampments, short term rental issues and Affordable housing concerns.

Day Two will provide access to more information on the new Housing Legislation program introduced by the Provincial Government as well as the conversation with the Federal Minister.

Delegates were offered both an in person option or that of virtual attendance for the Housing Summit. 

Though a read over of the agenda for speakers suggests that most communities have opted for the in person opportunity to share notes and hopefully make contact with provincial officials on themes of Housing.

In his Social Media posting of today, Mr. Pond did not outline how many other cvic representatives from Prince Rupert, if any, were travelling to Vancouver for the event.

More on the Housing summit is available here

You can follow the Housing Summit through the UBCM Twitter X stream here.

More notes on Housing themes in Prince Rupert and Council's approach towards them can be reviewed through our archive page.


  1. Housing is a priority you say?

    Since 2013, Prince Rupert is averaging 26 housing starts a year.

    Source - https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/data/statistics/economy/building-permits/econ_housing_starts_urban_communities.pdf

    It is one thing to chase after grants for density initiatives and multi unit new builds.

    Prince Rupert also needs to protect the housing stock they have through better bylaw enforcement and fire department inspections.

    1. The city policy and lack of funds handcuff the bylaw officers from doing their jobs.
      Get rid of the complaint driven policy on bylaw enforcement and we might see change.
      I feel sorry the officers are stuck with political interference.