Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Premier makes mini cabinet shuffle as Spring Session to start

Minister Lisa Beare
British Columbia Premier David Eby has finally announced who will fill the Cabinet Post recently relinquished by Selina Robinson the now former Minister of Post Secondary and future Skills, who left the position amid much controversy earlier this month.

Political firestorm over Palestine comments claims a BC Cabinet minister 

An announcement just after eight  this morning from the BC Government, has seen Lisa Beare  appointed as the New Minister of Post-Secondary and Future Skills, while George Chow will move into her former duties as Minister of Citizen's Services.

In Post Secondary Education Ms. Beare takes on a file now at the top of the controversy list, with recent changes to International student levels in the province making for much concern at University and college campuses across the province.

Her tenure as Post Secondary and Future Skills Minister may not be a long one, the Spring Session ahead will be the preamble towards the Fall Election period.

More notes on the Legislature can be reviewed here.

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