Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Federal/Provincial actions on International education could have an impact on Prince Rupert campus for Coast Mountain college

Some significant changes are on the way towards the International Education programs in Canada, that as both the Federal and provincial governments announce new measures to address a number of concerns related to the surge in International students coming to Canada in recent years.

That volume is something of note for the Prince Rupert  campus of Coast Mountain College which has seen a strong number of International students enrolled  for a number of programs offered at the Fifth Street Campus downtown.

While the current cohort of students through to 2024 seem to be secure towards their education plans, what may come from 2025 and beyond is still to be delivered by Ministry and college officials. 

That following the announcement of  a moratorium on International recruitment for colleges and universities.

Selina Robinson, Minister of Post-Secondary Education and Future Sills provided some focus for how the Province plans to move forward earlier this week.

“International students come here for a good education, but too many are being exploited or taken advantage of. That’s why we’re introducing more stringent requirements for institutions and robust safeguards to protect international students against bad actors, provide them with a better path to success, and make sure B.C. continues to attract the talented students we need to fill significant gaps in the labour market and drive our economy forward.”

In an information release on Monday the Province noted how new measures will bring in higher standards and greater accountability for educational institutions in B.C. 

The  measures the government states will help ensure the institutions deliver a high-quality education and offer strong supports that students need to study and build a good, successful life in B.C. 

Towards some of the changes for BC:

Notable from the list of concerns from the current situation is that of available student housing, an issue that has been exacerbated for many students across Canada, with high rents and lack of housing stock making for challenges for those arriving in Canada for their post-secondary education experience.

That's an issue of high concern in Prince Rupert, where the city's lack of housing and high rents for those that are available have long been a concern.

If that policy was to be adopted in British Columbia, the impact on the Prince Rupert campus would be significant, with Coast Mountain College still to develop a campus housing solution for this community. 

Those temporary measures will also be in place for a period of two years.

Coast Mountain College celebrated the success of some of their International students this week and noted of the global reach that their recruitment program has delivered. 

As for the shift in focus from the two levels of government, Coast Mountain College has yet to issue a public statement or comment on the Federal or Provincial changes and how it may impact its plans for post secondary education in the region in the years ahead.

More notes on Post Secondary education in the Northwest can be reviewed here.


  1. The "global reach" has come at the expense of Prince Rupert, not to it's benefit. Many students are coming under false pretenses. They are sold a false story about our community and the availability of housing and other services. Then once they arrive, it is the community, not the college, supporting these students. YouTube videos by "coast mountain college managers" who have never set foot in Rupert or even Canada are speaking for our community and the comments are full of students asking how to find housing, and jobs. Also how to get refunds from the college and transfer.

  2. Probably havent issued a statement cuz they dont wanna draw attention to how far the focus moved away from domestic to international students. CBC wrote a story with the numbers from all the schools "Canada's international student spike was blamed on private colleges. Here's what really happend." Coast Mountain has almost as many study permits in 2023 as fulltime students in 2022-23.