Friday, January 19, 2024

Freezing Rain Warning in place for Prince Rupert/North Coast area

The potential for Freezing Rain is the subject of a
Friday morning Warning from Environment Canada

Environment Canada issued a Freezing Rain Warning for the Prince Rupert area in the early morning hours of Friday morning, though the temperatures have since risen, with few concerns found on local roads heading towards the morning transit period.

Still, for those travelling eastbound the Warning is one to be aware of, that as the colder air inland mixes with the approaching weather systems ahead.

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Drive BC advises those travelling Highway 16 of slippery sections between Prince Rupert and Kwinitsa

At the Terrace end of the highway 16 corridor Snow is the main forecast feature from today through the weekend. Though there is not a large accumulation expected.

Follow the Drive BC website for updates

The Prince Rupert area and North Coast will return to more familiar weather patterns over the weekend with Rain and Showers ahead through the next week.

More notes on past weather themes can be explored here.

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